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Everyone makes mistakes. Not every E&O policy pays for them.

E&O insurance is different from standard general business liability or property insurance policies. The risk being covered is the alleged failure of an intangible product (i.e., “bad advice”) rather than a physical product failure. E&O insurance is designed to cover an alleged financial loss rather than a physical loss like bodily injury or property damage.

There are literally dozens of E&O carriers and there are substantial differences between policies. And since today’s concept of “professional” has expanded so much,  the exact wording of your policy is extremely important.

We work with you to make sure the terms of your policy properly fit your business practice. The Vorbach AdvantageTM, our proprietary risk analysis process, plus our experience with hundreds of business just like yours helps eliminate surprises confusion if a claim is made.

The John L. Vorbach Company is an expert in E&O insurance for advertising, marketing, public relations, law offices, realtors, accountants, engineers, architects, accountants, financial planners, IT, and management consultants. We do the homework upfront to carefully understand your business’ unique risk profile and specialized needs. We want your insurance to work as expected, when and if you need it.

Not all insurance is the same. Not all insurance brokers are the same.

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