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Think Globally. Insure Locally.

Today’s world is more connected, and opening offices and operations around the globe is often essential to remain competitive. Gone are the days when only the largest companies had operations overseas. Today’s international risk exposures can range from simple overseas sales or sourcing travel to physical operations in foreign jurisdictions.

The John L. Vorbach Company has the knowledge, resources and experience to provide the protection you need to manage your international expansion with confidence whether you are ‘dipping your toe in the water’ with a few sales trips each year or opening offices or other locations around the globe.

For small risk exposures, a policy providing travel coverages, foreign liability and international workers compensation may be sufficient.

Clients with more significant international risk exposures will want to consider a Controlled Master Insurance Program. This approach combines local coverage as needed or legally required in each foreign jurisdiction with a master policy, written in English with familiar US policy coverages. The master policy fills in gaps that might exist in the local coverage and provides additional protection if the local policy limits are exhausted.

Not all insurance is the same. Not all insurance brokers are the same.

For a better solution to risk management and insurance coverages for your international business operations, call the John L. Vorbach Company today at 212-294-4900.