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One of the more sobering aspects of personal or professional success is the fact that you, or your family, may become a target for criminal intent.

Kidnap and Ransom insurance coverages (also known as ‘K&R’ insurance) are specialized insurance products, providing specific coverages and services for the unthinkable.

Most K&R policies reimburse you for losses related to the kidnap of a senior business executive or family member. Coverage typically reimburses you or your company for ransoms paid, loss-of-ransom-in-transit and additional expenses, such as medical expense, and typically the fees and expenses of crisis management consultants.

Other coverages for kidnap and ransom policies may include:

  • Fees of an independent negotiator.
  • Fees of an independent public relations firm.
  • Interest incurred for a loan taken for a ransom or an extortion payment.
  • Reward payment to an informant.
  • Salary of the abducted employee.
  • Salary of a temporary replacement worker.
  • Consequential personal financial loss.
  • Reasonable medical, cosmetic, psychiatric, and dental expenses incurred following the release of the abducted employee.
  • Reasonable rest and rehabilitation costs following release.
  • Independent security guard services.

In times of crisis, our coverages help you access experienced international security consulting firms specializing in handling kidnapping and extortion crises. These resources help you—or your family—develop and implement a plan to secure the safe and timely return of a targeted person.

As experienced, discreet and trusted brokers of insurance products for successful businesses and families, the John L. Vorbach Company has K&R policies available from a range of US- and international insurance companies, so we can tailor the right policy to your specific needs.

Not all insurance is the same. Not all insurance brokers are the same.

For more information about K&R insurance for you, your family, or members of your executive team, please contacts us at 212-294-4900.