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In today’s digital age, any company that distributes information (data, images or written words) can face the risk exposures of a traditional publisher.

Even if you aren’t a publisher.

Media Liability Insurance protects publishers (and other content owners) against damages from accusations or suits related to the gathering and dissemination of content.

Policies provide specific protection against losses from claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or copyright/trademark infringement, and similar allegations.

Media Liability insurance can include:

  • Defamation including libel, slander, trade libel and similar offenses
  • Invasion or infringement of an individual’s right of privacy or publicity including improper public disclosure of private facts, wrongful publicity, or the unauthorized use of trademark or likeness for profit
  • Infringement of copyright, title, slogan, trade name, service mark, or service name
  • Plagiarism, piracy, failure to attribute, or misappropriation of ideas
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Print, broadcast, internet, and other forms of distribution

The John L. Vorbach Company has more than 25 years of writing Media Liability insurance coverage for traditional publishers as well as new media agencies, bloggers, and web sites. We also write Media Liability coverage for traditional companies even when the website is not the primary function of the business.

Not all insurance is the same. Not all insurance brokers are the same.

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