Insurance for Not-For-Profits Print

Although not-for-profits have largely the same legal responsibilities as for-profit corporations, the exposures, financial, regulatory and ethical considerations are much different…

Usually tougher.

As a trustee of a non-profit, you may face a variety of risks and potential exposure very similar to for-profit enterprises. For example:

  • Employment practices claims: (wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, misrepresentation, the failure to employ/promote employees).
  • Lawsuits alleging antitrust activity, copyright and/or patent infringement, unfair credentialing, unfair disciplinary or peer review, and failure to deliver services.
  • Property & injury claims for physical injury to visitors to, or employees of, your organization’s premises, claims or injury by clients of your organization.
  • Claims of financial misconduct including fiduciary failure to prevent losses from embezzlement or bad investments.

To manage these similar yet very different risks, it is important for you to select an insurance broker with specific experience in writing and negotiating insurance coverage for nonprofit organizations.
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Nonprofit Insurance coverages:

  • General liability (Umbrella) for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Property/Automobile
  • Worker
  • Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability s’ Compensation
  • Group home Errors and Omissions (E&O)/Professional Liability

Not all insurance is the same. Not all insurance brokers are the same.
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