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Unique. Rare. One-of-a-kind.

The most beautiful assets in our lives are treasures acquired after years of hard work, carefully stewarded for future generations. They deserve insurance coverage that reflects their true value.

The John L. Vorbach Company has been writing insurance for collectibles, antiques, fine art and other valuables from the day of our founding in 1928. As a trusted insurance provider to America’s most successful families, the John L. Vorbach Company understands and appreciates the value of fine art, jewelry and other collectibles.

At a time of loss or theft, many insurance policies for collectibles, antiques, fine art and other valuables will pay only the lesser of:

  • Actual cash value at the time of loss (replacement cost minus depreciation);
  • Cost to repair to the condition just before the loss;
  • Replacement cost;
  • The amount scheduled in the policy.

Unfortunately, policy language like this can leave you with a settlement that is insufficient and possibly more disappointing and aggravating than the loss itself.

Unlike many insurance companies, we offer you Agreed Value coverage for your works of art, jewelry, antiques and collections. This means the insurer agrees in advance to the value of each item. It also means you know exactly what you’ll receive at time of loss. No surprises or disappointments.

This is why a personal evaluation of your insurance coverages by The John L. Vorbach Company can be so valuable. We help take the guess work out of insurance for your antiques, works or art and collections by providing coverages. Often this improved coverage comes at little or no increased cost.

We offer additional services to affluent and successful families including referrals for appraisals,  conservation and repair which will help you manage, preserve and care for your most treasured valuables.

For more information about insurance for your valuables and collectibles, please contact us today at 212-294-4900.