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Private Client Homeowner’s Insurance Services for Coastal Properties Print

Successful homeowners are also excellent insurance risks.

Our firm has unique waterfront home insurance products for affluent homeowners that offer superior coverage, service and premiums as much as 25% lower than other insurers.

If you own a home at the shore or in a coastal community, you know that finding adequate property insurance is often difficult and expensive. Conventional homeowner’s policies for oceanfront properties can have prohibitive restrictions on coverage as well as high premiums and high deductibles…and might not be available at all.

The John L. Vorbach Company has a better solution for affluent homeowners with a property value of at least $ 1,000,000. By limiting insurance coverage to owners of large, well-built and well-protected homes, our carriers are better able to control the cost of risk.

This translates into lower premiums for you.

To be eligible, your home must meet the following construction guidelines:

  • The cost to rebuild your home must be $1 million or greater (or $750,000 in some areas);
  • If you live along a coastline, all the external windows and doors of your home must be protected with shutters, or similar protections that meet the current building code for your area;
  • Depending on the year your home was built there may be construction or roofing requirements.

Homeowners who meet underwriting guidelines may find their premiums lowered by 25% or more without sacrificing the superior coverage and excellent claims service that successful homeowners expect.

For more detailed information about the guidelines for insurance for coastal properties, please call us today at 212-294-4900.

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