Protect your business from complex and emerging risks.

The risks you face tomorrow may not look like the ones you face today.

As insurance evolves to cover new contingencies, policies are becoming more complicated. That’s why you need a risk management partner who understands the changing risks you face and can help you tailor an insurance program to fit your specific situation.

Insurance as an advanced business strategy

You may be looking to build a new facility, raise capital, hire more employees, acquire a competitor, launch a new product, or expand internationally. While these objectives may be achievable when times are good, suffering a significant loss can put them on hold temporarily or even indefinitely.

That’s why you need to protect your business, employees, and assets with the right insurance program. Using our proprietary RiskEnsure™ methodology, we get to know your business, your plans, and your goals for the future. We analyze critical information and apply our expertise and experience to develop an insurance solution that can pave the way to anticipating and managing the risks you face – thereby helping you achieve your business objectives.

Depend on our deep understanding of your industry

It’s important that your insurance broker understand the risks your company and your industry face and how to manage them effectively. At the John L. Vorbach Company, we have a deep knowledge of businesses ranging from asset management to technology, life sciences, media, not-for-profit and other sectors.

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We can help you find the right coverage to protect against complex risks

As new technology evolves and government regulations are introduced, industries become more complicated and exposures more pronounced and varied. At the John L. Vorbach Company, we can help you tailor an insurance program to fit your unique and specific needs and protect you from the risks you face – now and in the future.

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You don’t have to be an expert in employee benefits

Keeping your retirement plan in compliance with ERISA, tracking your Worker’s Compensation program, and planning for employee pensions can get confusing. But, with our help, you can feel confident you have everything under control. We can also help you attract and retain employees with a comprehensive employee benefits plan.

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