Protect the things that matter most to you and your family. We can help.

Successful families and individuals often have more to lose.

When you experience a loss, it can result in more than just a financial cost. It can also be emotionally difficult, especially if the loss includes prized possessions or heirlooms passed from generation to generation.

Today’s risks are different. They are more complex and constantly evolving.

Because of your position at work or your standing in the community, you may be a target of emerging risks that others won’t face, such as:

  • Lawsuits from domestic staff or others
  • Cybercrime through smart home devices
  • Artwork, collections, antiques, and jewelry that are difficult to value
  • International travel that may require worldwide liability protection or emergency medical assistance
  • Weather-related damage that happens to second homes when you’re not there

We can help you make smart insurance decisions.

We’ll help you identify the risks you face and assemble the right mix of insurance coverages and risk management services to help protect you. Insurance policies and insurance companies vary in what they cover, the quality of their claims handling, and the additional, value-added services they provide. We help you make sense of what can be bewildering options and provide advice you can trust to make smart decisions about your protection.

Using our proprietary RiskEnsureTM methodology, we get to know you, your family, and your unique situation. Then, we apply our expertise and experience to develop insurance solutions to help you anticipate and manage the risks you face – helping you and your family continue its success for years to come.

Protect the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to provide.

We work with premium insurance companies that specialize in serving successful individuals and families, to help you protect:

  • Fine homes with upgraded appliances, custom details, and distinctive features such as a dock or pool house
  • Secondary or vacation homes that may face specific risks such as hurricanes, floods, or wildfires
  • Valuables including fine art, antiques, jewelry, wine, and other collectibles
  • Fine vehicles, classic or vintage cars
  • Watercraft, aircraft, and other recreational vehicles
  • Financial assets from lawsuits with high judgements
  • Sophisticated systems that power, run, monitor, and secure your home
  • Your family from international risks, travel risks, kidnap and ransom, and cybercrime

Providing extra services to make your life easier.

The right insurance is more than just a policy. It can also help simplify your life, by helping you prevent issues from happening in the first place or taking care of issues that would normally be outside the reach of typical insurance. We work with insurance companies who provide:

  • Consistently excellent claim service
  • Expert home appraisal services
  • Risk management advice regarding cyber security, severe weather, property protection, youthful drivers, hiring employees, home renovations, and more.
  • Emergency hurricane response for your primary or a secondary home, even if you’re not there.
  • Expert advice on art collection risk management, conservation, lending to exhibitions, and provenance, condition, and authenticity research.

Keeping your family financially secure.

We also offer policies that can help protect your assets in case of a disability or death, with: