Kidnap & Ransom

Protect your family from the unthinkable.

In a time of crisis, the most important thing is getting your loved one back, safe and sound.

As an experienced, discreet, and trusted insurance broker for successful businesses and families, John L. Vorbach Company can help you choose the right Kidnap & Ransom policy for your needs. The coverages we offer provide access to experienced international security consulting firms that specialize in handling kidnapping and extortion cases and managing the safe and timely return of the targeted individual.

What can a Kidnap & Ransom policy cover?

  • Reimbursement for ransoms paid, ransoms lost in transit, or interest on a loan taken for a ransom or extortion payment
  • Fees for an independent negotiator to work on your behalf
  • Fees for an independent public relations firm to manage any publicity issues
  • Reward payment for information leading to the safe return of the individual
  • Salary of the abducted employee and temporary replacement worker
  • Consequential personal financial loss
  • Reasonable medical, cosmetic, psychiatric, and dental expenses following the abducted individual’s release
  • Reasonable rest and rehabilitation costs following release
  • Independent security guard services

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Purchasing a Kidnap & Ransom policy can help put your mind at ease, knowing that if the unthinkable happens, you’ll have immediate access to the resources and experts you need to manage the situation and get your loved one back safely.