Life, Medical and Employee Benefits

Using key benefits to protect your business, your wealth, and your family.

Achieve your goals with individual or group employee benefits

Benefits such as life, medical, disability and long-term care insurance, as well as other employee benefits such as dental and vision are critical to achieving your goals – personally or as a business.

At the John L. Vorbach Company, we can provide the advice and insurance products you need to grow and protect your wealth or attract and retain employees. We take a holistic approach to your life or your business, work with the other trusted advisors on your team – attorneys, accountants, and financial planners – and offer an “open architecture” model that allows us to solicit proposals from many different insurance companies. This ensures that you get the right insurance product to fit your situation.

Life insurance

Life insurance can be used as a sophisticated planning tool for both business and personal situations. We can help you:

  • Find the right product – whether that’s term insurance or a permanent policy such as whole, universal, or variable life.
  • Structure the policy and its ownership correctly.

For business situations, life insurance can be used to fund a partnership buy-sell agreement, reward and retain key executives, and protect against the loss of key employees. Used properly, it provides businesses with critical liquidity when they need it most.

For personal situations, life insurance can be used to create wealth, protect an estate, pay off debts, replace income, pay for college, supplement retirement income, or leave a charitable legacy. Working with your other advisors, we can help you use tools like trusts and premium financing to benefit from the power of life insurance.

Medical insurance and other employee benefits

Businesses today use medical insurance and other employee benefits, such as dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, group life and group disability to recruit and retain top talent. While it can be a challenge to deliver the optimal mix of benefits cost effectively in the face of medical cost inflation, our open architecture model allows us to find and secure the benefits program you need at a reasonable cost.

Larger organizations may find that self-insuring medical, dental, and vision benefits allows for more flexibility in designing benefits and better cost containment. We can help with that.

Disability and long-term care insurance

These types of insurance are often overlooked in both personal and business settings. However, they can be critical in providing the care and funds needed if a family member or executive becomes disabled or needs long-term care services. We can help provide a plan that fits your needs.